I have worked for almost ten years in the field of foresight, which is part of the futures studies (Background studies in Marketing & Environmental studies).  I have Bachelor degree in performing arts, wherein I have worked within wide variety of tasks in culture field – lately as a drama teacher and -director.  As an experienced practitioner in both arts and foresight,  I am ambitious to  construct methodologies that combine elements from both drama methodologies and futures studies. At the moment I study at the post-graduate specialization program in community-engaged arts and art practices provided by University of the Arts Helsinki.

Selected publications

  • Myllyoja J. & Patrikainen, S. (2019). Experiencing scenarios through dramatized narratives. Abstract & performative presentation in Constructing Social Futures Conference, Turku, Finland.
  • Dwellers’ experiences as a part of foresight  – Asiantuntijat notkeustestissä_Tiede ja edistys_2018: Draamamenetelmillä kaupunkilaisten kokemukset osaksi ennakointia. Tiede & edistys 2/2018. Tutkijaliitto.
  • Myllyoja, J. (2017). Towards futures by knowledge, action and emotions: Experiences from the interface of drama interventions and foresight. Futura 3/2017. The Finnish Society for Futures Studies. Upload the article: FUTURA_jm
  • Myllyoja, J. (2017). Drama interventions and futures. Bachelor thesis in the field of performing arts. Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.
  • Myllyoja, J. & Koivisto, T. (2016). Constructing lenses to observe impacts of drama interventions. Conference paper & presentation. Arts without borders? -conference, University of the Arts Helsinki.
  • Koivisto, T. & Myllyoja J. (2011). Improvise!  ─ Supporting organizational learning and innovation by intervention research and interaction training. VTT publications 779.
  • Myllyoja, J. & Koivisto, T. (2013). Improvisation in supporting organizational development and change. Proceedings of the Participatory Innovation Conference PIN-C 2013 (2013). Edited by Melkas, H. & Buur, J. Paper presentation in PIN conference at June 18th 2013. Upload the abstract: PIN conf_050513_FIN.
  • Myllyoja, J.; Eerola, T. & Peltonen, L. (2015). Exploring multi-toned mining industry by drama intervention . Journal of Region and Health. 44: 2 (2015), 54–59. Upload the article: aluejaymp_2015_2_s54-59

Extended list of publications and reports: Publications_Myllyoja_2019